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Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

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Madame Marissa did not want the money that this loser had given her. She wanted to destroy it. She glued it to her soles and she took a walk with it. She crushed the money and she stomped on it in an effort to destroy it. She managed to tear it and she made sure it would not be put back together then she threw the money in the trash.

Madame Marissa and madame Madison love to crush and destroy things and one of the things they wanted to crush and destroy today were old CDs and cassettes as well as a toy car. They wore their sneakers and used them to crush and trample upon the toys. The mistresses managed to destroy all of them despite the fact that they were many. They also created a huge mess on the floor.

Madame Marissa likes smart slaves. She does not like dumb ones like the one she currently had. She asked him for his diploma and she found out he did not pass well. So his diploma did not have any value. She took it and threw it on the floor and she used her shoes to crush it, trample it and destroy it. And she did it while he watched but he could do nothing.

This mistress did not have anything to crush today so she decided to crush her toothpaste. She took the whole tub and she threw it down and she crushed it and it poured on the floor. She crushed the one on the floor and created a mess. Her feet as well as the floor was covered in toothpaste but she did not mind. She was having fun and that is all that mattered.

This mistress was determined to excel in foot crush fetish. She bought some toys and she used them to practice her fetish. She had a lot of fun playing with the toys as she crushed them. She created a mess but she did not worry about it since she had a slave whose duty it was to clean up after her. So she went about fine tuning her crushing skills without any worries.

Mistress Marinka found her slave had messed up what she had told him to work on and she was pissed. She punished him for it by humiliating him using foot crush fetish. She made the slave endure her painful foot crush and it was as cruel as she intended it to be. She majorly worked on his face and inflicted the maximum damage she could on it before letting him go.

Mistress Christin likes to crush things with her shoes and high heels. But today she felt like doing it using her bare feet. So she took model cars and she used her bare feet to crush them. She did not care whether her feet would get hurt in the process. She destroyed them and surprised herself with how she was able to destroy them using her bare feet and not injure herself.

Mistress Herrin Nicole was in a foul mood and the only way she was going to get out of it fine was if she found a way to release it. She decided to crush a can of soda to release her anger. She used her high heels to crush the can and within a couple of minutes, there was nothing left of the can but a crumpled mess which she threw in the bin.

Lady Karame found these little toys in her house. She hates toys and wondered how they got there. But she thought it did not matter how they got there since she was going to destroy them. She used her boots to destroy them and by the time she was done with them, there was nothing left of them but a huge mess on the floor which she swept away and threw in the bin.

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