Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

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Goddess Channel wanted this guy to know how to foot crush. He was under a lot of stress and he had to find something easy and inexpensive to occupy his mind. That is why she chose to use her foot crush fetish to help him. The mistress taught him how to crush and what to crush to pass time and to take her mind off any stressors he may have had.

Lady Karame was so mad at her slave that she was prepared to do anything to make sure he was punished. She crushed a banana with her feet and created a mess on the floor. She then forced her slave to eat the banana from the floor. When he was done, she made him lick her feet and suck her toes to get rid of parts of the banana that were on her feet.

Madame Marissa does not need an invitation to have fun with her boots. She loves using her boots to crush things and today she used her boots to crush some old pieces of technology. She had found them in her basement and she wondered what use they were for. She does not like to collect things so she took them and used her boots to crush and destroy them completely.

Lady Kara is a fun loving mistress. She knows how to have fun doing different things and today she wanted to have fun crushing things. She decided to crush her mobile phone. She knew it was old and she had a better one so she used her boots to crush it. Within a few minutes, there was nothing left but a huge mess on the floor which she made her slave clean.

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