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Madame Marissa discovered that her slave was messing with her. He left gummy bears all over the place knowing she would be pissed off. She was pissed off alright and she used her sneakers to crush and trample on the gummy bears. She made sure to destroy them all and then leave the mess for her slave to clean up. She warned him of doing so again and told him she would crush him instead of the gummy bears next time he did that.

When this mistress learned that her slave wasted a lot of time playing with toys. She rounded up all the toys she found in the house and she destroyed them. She knew it would send him a message. He cried when he finally saw what she had done. She told him she would do it again if he did not learn to do his work before he started his play.

Lady B loves to crush and that is what she did today as she was in the house. She was not working so she used her flat wooden mules to crush and destroy tin cans. She was bored but she felt better when she did it. She was doing it for fun and it ended up being more fun than she thought it was going to be. She left the mess for her slave to clean up.

Madame Marissa does not like fruits which are more than a few days old. She realized that the fruits in her house had passed her time limit and she had to destroy them. She placed them on the floor and she had fun crushing them using her bare feet. She created a mess on the floor as she crushed them but she did not worry about it as she knew her slave would clean up after her.

This mistress has a thing for crushing and destroying things. Today she found toys in her garage and she did not care who they belonged to. All she did was crush them using her heels. She did not go easy on them and she had fun destroying them. It did not take long for her to completely destroy them. She then cleaned the mess she had created as she did not have a slave.

Madame Marissa came home and found her son had not done the chores she had given him. He was playing with his expensive toys. She was pissed and she took the most expensive one and she crushed it with her feet. She destroyed it and made him watch as she did it. He cried and begged her to stop but she had to teach him a lesson and she did it.

Mistress Christin and Lady B love to crush and to destroy things. And that is what they did today. Any chance they get to destroy something by crushing it, they do not fail to capitalize. They crushed this old video recorder using their boots. They did it together and within a few minutes, no one would have guessed that it was a video recorder that lay in pieces on the floor.

Madame Marissa was bored in the house so as she looked for something to do, she found lots of toys in her house and she did not know what to do with them. She crushed them and used her boots to do it. She crushed them as hard as she could and they did not stand a chance against her. She created a mess as she destroyed all of them.

Lady B found an old stereo on her garage and she tried to play it but it was not working. She was not patient enough to find out what was wrong with it. She just used her high heel boots to crush them. She destroyed it as she crushed it and stomped on it. She made sure it was totally destroyed before she left it and went about her business.

Madame Marissa hated how her laptop was slow and how it froze. She had to buy a new one but she had not yet done so. Today as she was working, it was slow and she was so pissed that she destroyed it. She used her high heels to crush it. She stomped on it and destroyed it and it gave her a reason to go and buy a new one.

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