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Lady B loves to crush things and today she was crushing food. She took some berries and she used her boots to crush them. She created a mess with them on the floor and added other kinds of food. She crushed all of them and created an even bigger mess and she called her slave and she forced him to eat all the food she had crushed and to lick the soles of her boots.

Lady Karame loves food crushing and today she was crushing tomatoes. She threw a tomato on the floor and she used her bare feet to crush it. She crushed it into a pulp and created a mess on the floor. That was her intention and she used the mess to humiliate her slave not as punishment, but for fun. She had him lick the floor clean and do the same to her feet.

Lady Karame was so mad at her slave that she was prepared to do anything to make sure he was punished. She crushed a banana with her feet and created a mess on the floor. She then forced her slave to eat the banana from the floor. When he was done, she made him lick her feet and suck her toes to get rid of parts of the banana that were on her feet.

Mistress Blackdiamoond wanted to humiliate her slave using her foot crush fetish. She knew her slave was new to this and he had never been humiliated before so she crushed some banana and she forced him to eat it both from the floor as well as from her feet. The slave was horrified at what he was being asked to do but he did it anyway for fear of further humiliation.

This mistress found out about crush fetish and she could not have enough of it. She had to try all the nasty things that were on her mind. She started with food crush before she went to her slave. She first of all forced him to eat all the food she had crushed with her boots before she used the same boots to crush her slave. It was a lot of fun for her.

Mistress Anica Red was taking a walk in her farm when she came across some colored eggs. She wondered which animal had produced them but since she had a crush fetish, she did not even wait to know which animal it was. She crushed them using her rubber boots. She created a mess but did not worry about it since it was at the farm and she did not have to clean up.

Lady Krasaviza was tired of crushing things and slaves. She wanted to try crushing other things besides these two. So she decided to go with food crush. She got an apple and she placed it on a metallic plate. She then used her high heels to crush it and destroy it. It was more fun that she thought it was going to be and she forced her slave to eat the mess that was created as a result.

Lady Alshari was taking a walk when she came across an orange on the road. She did not even bother to find out if belonged to anyone. She just went where it was and crushed it using her boots. She created a mess with it as its juice splashed all over and its pulp was strewn on the ground. She then went home to have her slave clean the mess that was on her boots.

This mistress enjoys crushing things with her bare feet. She does not like to use sneakers or high heels like other mistresses do because she considers it cheating. Today she decided to crush cookies and she had a lot of fun cooking them and crushing them. By the time she was done, there was a mess on the floor. She asked her slave to eat the cookies off the floor and he did.

Lady Karame likes to destroy things by crushing them. Today she wanted to crush some food. So she took a banana and she crushed it using her bare feet. She did not care about the mess she created on the floor because she called her slave and she made him lick the banana she had crushed. He had to lick it off her feet as well as off the floor.

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