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Mistress Nyx was tired of taking birth control pills. They were giving her mood swings and interfering with her body in many different ways. She wanted her man to also take up the burden of it and she did not care what he did whether it was to use withdrawal method or using protection. She took the pills and crushed them as he watched for him to understand the extent of her frustration with them.

Goddess Chanel was not happy with her man and she had to do something about it. He knew it and he tried to apologize using chocolate. She loved chocolate but she was too pissed to be placated by chocolate. She crushed it as he watched and that shocked him as she had never done that before. He knew things were thick and he had to find a better way to get her to forgive him.

Madame Marissa loves to crush. She enjoys crushing things all the time and today she was crushing toy cars. She used her high heels and when she was done, she had created a huge mess on the floor which she made her slave clean. She had crushed his toy cars and she wanted him to be the one to clean up so that he learned that the did not want him having toys at his age.

Madame Marissa has two laptops but one of them was slow and had issues. She did not like it and decided to destroy it because it wasted her valuable time often. She destroyed it by trampling it with her high heels. She was done with it when she was tired and the only parts that remained of the laptop were some metals and destroyed plastic. Then she called her slave to clean up after her.

These mistresses do not like tulips but their slave did not know about that. He thought they would love them but they did not. Instead of appreciating them, they destroyed them. The mistresses used their high heels to destroy the tulips and make a mess on the floor. But they were not worried as the slave would clean it all and he did when they were done crushing the tulips.

Madame Madison was angry and whenever she is angry, she has to take out her anger on someone or something. Since she was alone in the house, she looked for what to trample and crush to take out her anger. She found a toy in her house and she did not even stop to ask herself whom it might have belonged to. She crushed it and destroyed it with her high heels.

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