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Madame Marissa was mad when she came home. She had had a crazy day at the office and she was still mad when she got home. She took out her anger on her stuffed animal. She crushed it with her boots and she did not care what happened to it. She also found a toy car in the house and she also crushed it as she did not care who it belonged to.

This mistress was surprised to learn that her slave still played with toy cars. He was an adult and she wondered why he still played with toys. She took the toy cars and she crushed them with her sneakers. She did it in front of him and she told him she did not want him to go out and buy another one. She told him she would crush him if he did that.

Lady B was pissed by the way this kid was disrespectful. She did not care who he was or who his parents were. There was no way someone was going to disrespect her and get away with it. She took his guitar from him and she threw it down and she crushed it. She stomped on it and within a matter of minutes, there was nothing left of the guitar.

Madame Marissa discovered that her slave was messing with her. He left gummy bears all over the place knowing she would be pissed off. She was pissed off alright and she used her sneakers to crush and trample on the gummy bears. She made sure to destroy them all and then leave the mess for her slave to clean up. She warned him of doing so again and told him she would crush him instead of the gummy bears next time he did that.

Lady B loves to crush and that is what she did today as she was in the house. She was not working so she used her flat wooden mules to crush and destroy tin cans. She was bored but she felt better when she did it. She was doing it for fun and it ended up being more fun than she thought it was going to be. She left the mess for her slave to clean up.

Madame Marissa does not like fruits which are more than a few days old. She realized that the fruits in her house had passed her time limit and she had to destroy them. She placed them on the floor and she had fun crushing them using her bare feet. She created a mess on the floor as she crushed them but she did not worry about it as she knew her slave would clean up after her.

One of the best ways for this mistress to spend her time is to crush things. She does not care what she crushes as long as she crushes it. Today she was crushing a toy car. She wanted a hardy one so she bought an expensive one which was not easy to destroy. She used her sneakers to trample and stomp on it and even though it took longer than normal, she managed to crush and destroy it.

Mistress Christin does not like food that has overstayed in the fridge for long. She had to throw it away but before she did, she felt like it would be more fun to crush it for fun instead of throwing it. So she took the sausage and the meat and she crushed them with her boots. It was a lot of fun for her and she did not notice how much time had passed.

Princess Serena was impatient. She was to be picked up to go to a party but time was moving slowly. She had taken a shower and worn her make up and even dressed up. She was totally ready but still there was time to kill before the time for her to be picked up. So she killed time by crushing plastic cups she found in her kitchen. She used her high heels to do it.

This mistress has a thing for crushing and destroying things. Today she found toys in her garage and she did not care who they belonged to. All she did was crush them using her heels. She did not go easy on them and she had fun destroying them. It did not take long for her to completely destroy them. She then cleaned the mess she had created as she did not have a slave.

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