Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

This mistress had a problem with her son and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She knew he loved his train set so she took it and crushed it and destroyed it by trampling it with her high heel boots. She destroyed it while he watched and told him why she did it. She wanted him to attach her destruction to what he had done so that it would be a lesson for him.

Madame Marissa likes smart slaves. She does not like dumb ones like the one she currently had. She asked him for his diploma and she found out he did not pass well. So his diploma did not have any value. She took it and threw it on the floor and she used her shoes to crush it, trample it and destroy it. And she did it while he watched but he could do nothing.

Mistress Amanda Rey crushed food using her boots and she forced her sla to take public means but he did not them. When she was done, she called her slave and she made him lick the mess on her shoes as well as making him do other things which he would normally not have done. The mistress in military attire basked and humiliated him and degraded him a great while.

Mistress Christin took her portable printer and destroyed it because she wanted to print something but it did not print. She did not bother checking what was wrong with it. She just destroyed it without second thoughts. She wondered what was wrong with it since she does not use it often. So she told him to throw it away and she went and she got a new and better one.

This mistress could not stand the fact that her slave had kept her waiting. She was pissed and did not bother to call him to find out what had kept him that long. She went to her old stuff and she found a pair of shoes which as torn and she used it to humiliate her slave. She crushed him with her shoes and humiliated him in a way he would never forget.

Lady Alshari had never crushed food. She decided to try it since she had crushed other things and liked it. She went outside and got an orange. She used her boots to crush it and destroy it. She crushed it till it was just a pulp and was impressed with what she managed to do. She enjoyed food crush fetish better than she had enjoyed crushing other non food items.

This mistress did not have anything to crush today so she decided to crush her toothpaste. She took the whole tub and she threw it down and she crushed it and it poured on the floor. She crushed the one on the floor and created a mess. Her feet as well as the floor was covered in toothpaste but she did not mind. She was having fun and that is all that mattered.

Madame Marissa loves to crush toys. Whenever she buys toys, it does not raise eyebrows and it does not make noise as she crushes them as it would happen if she crushed a slave. Her friend was interested in crush fetish as well so she bought more toys and the mistresses had fun crushing and destroying the toys. They only stopped after all of them had been crushed and destroyed.

This mistress was determined to excel in foot crush fetish. She bought some toys and she used them to practice her fetish. She had a lot of fun playing with the toys as she crushed them. She created a mess but she did not worry about it since she had a slave whose duty it was to clean up after her. So she went about fine tuning her crushing skills without any worries.

Lady B loves to crush things and today she was crushing food. She took some berries and she used her boots to crush them. She created a mess with them on the floor and added other kinds of food. She crushed all of them and created an even bigger mess and she called her slave and she forced him to eat all the food she had crushed and to lick the soles of her boots.

Mistress Amanda Rey has gorgeous high heels but she did not want to use those particular high heels for fashion purposes but rather to humiliate her slave. She threatened him with painful trampling and she got him to do what she wanted him to do . She spat on a muffin and then crushed it with her high heels and asked him to eat it. He did because he feared the consequences of refusing to.

Lady Maria wanted to use a dildo to humiliate her loser slave and she did it. She had tried using her feet to crush him but she did not think it was enough. It was humiliating, but it was not as humiliating as when she used a dildo to humiliate him. The slave had not even done anything worth being humiliated about. The mistress was doing it just because she could.

Lady Karame loves food crushing and today she was crushing tomatoes. She threw a tomato on the floor and she used her bare feet to crush it. She crushed it into a pulp and created a mess on the floor. That was her intention and she used the mess to humiliate her slave not as punishment, but for fun. She had him lick the floor clean and do the same to her feet.

Lady Krasaviza took her breakfast and crushed it with her feet and once it was crushed and she had created a mess, she used it to humiliate her slave. She made her slave eat it from her feet and swallow it. She enjoyed watching him do it and it tickled her feet when he did so. Needless to say, she had a lot of fun but the same cannot be said of the slave.

Mistress BlackDiamoond's banana fell from her hands and she could not pick it up. She did not want anyone else to touch it and she made sure no one would be able to by crushing it using her shoes. She crushed it as hard as she could and destroyed it and left only a mess on the ground before she walked away and left the mess there without cleaning it up.

This guy thought he could handle many mistresses but it was not possible. The mistresses humiliated him for even trying to have fun with all of them at the same time. He said he could take a pill and satisfy all of them. But the mistresses had a different idea and they trampled him for their own enjoyment. The mistresses trampled him at the same time and they nearly crushed him to pieces.

Madame Marissa does not like RC cars and does not know they are even produced. She hates them and when she found her slave playing with them in her house, she pretended not to have seen them and she crushed the as hard as she could to destroy them. The RC cars did not break as fast as she had wanted them to be crushed so she had to change tack.

Crushing things with her feet is what this mistress is good at. She does it effortlessly and does not care what happens to them and if she creates a mess, sh will get a slave or a loser to take care of it. She crushed toy tucks today and she found a loser to clean up the place for her and he did it because she threatened him and he was a sissy.

Mistress Marinka found her slave had messed up what she had told him to work on and she was pissed. She punished him for it by humiliating him using foot crush fetish. She made the slave endure her painful foot crush and it was as cruel as she intended it to be. She majorly worked on his face and inflicted the maximum damage she could on it before letting him go.

Mistress Christin and Lady B both love to crush and when they found this old radio, they knew they had found what to crush. The mistresses crushed the old radio and destroyed it completely. They only stopped when they realized only a shell of it had remained. And it was a shell of its former self as it had been destroyed and was in fact unrecognizable from what they had done to it.