Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

Mistress Christin and Lady B love to crush and that is what they did today after they came home from work. They had toy trucks which they crushed for fun. The mistresses did not have a slave but they were not worried about the mess they created when they crushed and destroyed the toys. They knew they could easily get someone to come and clean up for them so they crushed them without any worries.

Princess Serena found balloons in her house. She hates them and knew that it was one of her friends who had played a prank on her. She wore her high heels and she used them to crush and burst the balloons. She made sure that the balloons were all burst before she called a loser from across the street to clean up her house as she did not have a slave.

This mistress found that her boots were her best bet to crush and destroy things. She crushed and destroyed these things the best way she knew how and by the time she was done, she always left a mess behind. She created a mess today as she crushed toy trucks using her high heel boots. She made sure that there was nothing left then she went on with what she was doing.

Madame Marissa did not want the money that this loser had given her. She wanted to destroy it. She glued it to her soles and she took a walk with it. She crushed the money and she stomped on it in an effort to destroy it. She managed to tear it and she made sure it would not be put back together then she threw the money in the trash.

Today this mistress was crushing food using her bare feet. Her slave had prepared a good breakfast for her but she did not eat it. She destroyed it instead. She even poured milk on it and went on crushing it and creating a paste. She wanted her slave to eat it from her feet and she was also killing time as she was bored. So she killed two birds with one stone.

Lady B was given a present and when she opened it, she found it was a toy train. She had no use for it and she did not have a baby to give it to so she crushed it and destroyed it. She used her high heels to crush it and in a matter of minutes, the toy train was no more. It was destroyed and was in pieces on the ground.

Mistress Monica could not believe it. Her slave had stolen from her and she was mad. She never thought he could do something like that and now that he had, she had to do something about it. She crushed him using her high heels. She wanted to make it as painful a she could in order to make sure he never did it again. She forced him to endure the humiliation and only let him go when she was tired.

This mistress felt like doing something naughty. She went to her kitchen after she came home from work. She used her high heels to crush a bottle of mayonnaise and she created a mess on the floor. She removed her high heels and she crushed the mayo using her bare feet, She enjoyed doing it and when she felt it was enough, she called her slave and made him lick it from her feet and from the floor.

Mistress Vikki found is one mistress who enjoys crushing more than she enjoys anything else. She can crush anything she lays her hands on. Today it was teddy bears. She threw them down and used her sneakers to crush them. At some point she even removed her sneakers and she crushed them using her bare feet. She had a lot of fun and when she was done, she threw them away.

Lady Krasaviza loves to crush. It makes her feel great when she sees that she has destroyed something. While others love to create, she prefers and she loves to destroy. She finds it easier and she loves how it makes her feel. Today she was crushing cans and she managed to destroy them as they were no match for her high heels. She crushed them and when she was done, she threw them away.

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