Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

Madame Marissa does not like toys. She found many Christmas decorations in her garage and she knew they must belong to her sister. But she had no use for them and she crushed and destroyed them. She used her boots to crush them and destroy them. She created a mess but she cleaned it by herself so that her sister would not find it when she came back home in the evening.

Lady Loryelle got home bored and she wanted something to do to keep herself busy. So she enjoyed crushing oranges. Luckily they were about to go bad and she knew she could not eat all of them. So she had fun crushing them with her bare feet. She destroyed them and had fun at the same time. She created a mess that she made her slave clean up when she was done.

Mistress Jenny loves crushing marshmallows. She was crushing chocolate ones today and she did it with her bare feet. She was not doing it to humiliate anyone but because she felt like it. Her slave was around and he thought he would be made to lick them from her feet but she did not. She surprisingly even cleaned up after herself and her slave was shocked as she had never done that before.

This mistress loves to crush and she especially loves it when she is bored. She was bored today and she had a great time crushing them outside. She did not need to clean up after she had destroyed the toys and created a mess because it was fall and there were many leaves on the ground. She, however, had a lot of fun and after an hour of crushing the toys, she went to back to the house.

Goddess Nika has a foot crush fetish and she loves to crush and destroy things. Today she did not have anything to crush and she was not content to stay without crushing anything. She chose to check out her fridge and she found things to crush there. She crushed the fruits and vegetables she found in the fridge and she created a mess which she had her slave clean once she was done.

Mistress Christin was going through stuff in her house when she came across an old radio. She had no use for it. She did not even bother to find out whether it worked or if it was a collector's item. She just used her high heels to crush it and destroy it. She danced on it and she had a lot of fun destroying it. She then threw the pieces away.

Madame Marissa was mad at her boyfriend and she showed him how much. She destroyed his watch, cut his cards and his wallet and she also trampled and she destroyed the money that was in his wallet. She did not care what he felt or what he had lost. She was angry and he had to understand what he had done and find out the consequences of what he had done.

Princess Serena crushed cake with her feet and she had her boyfriend lick it. She was punishing him for the naughty texts she found he had exchanged with another girl. She forced him to eat the crushed cake from the soles of her sneakers as well as from the soles of her bare feet. She then warned him that if he did not behave well, she would find a more cruel way to deal with him.

Madame Svea crushed and trampled mushrooms with her boots. She was not doing it for fun but she was looking for a way to humiliate her slave. She went back with her boots soiled a bit and she knew she had found the best way to punish the slave. Madame Svea forced him to lick the soles of her boots and he did it as he had no other choice.

Mistress Christin did not like her satellite unit. So she crushed it using her ice blades. She wanted to buy a new one and as usual, when she is tired of something or she has no more use for it, she just crushes it and destroys it. When she was done crushing it, she asked her slave to clean up the mess as she went and took a shower then went to buy a new one.

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