Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

Lady Karame found these little toys in her house. She hates toys and wondered how they got there. But she thought it did not matter how they got there since she was going to destroy them. She used her boots to destroy them and by the time she was done with them, there was nothing left of them but a huge mess on the floor which she swept away and threw in the bin.

Mistress Joss and her friend mistress Misty love to crush things. They do not do it with high heels like most mistresses do. They like to use their bare feet to do it because it more interesting that way. Today they were crushing plastic bottles. Since they were unable to crush them individually, they did it together and though it was challenging, they managed to crush and deform the plastic bottle and make the bottle top shoot off.

Lady Kara is a fun loving mistress. She knows how to have fun doing different things and today she wanted to have fun crushing things. She decided to crush her mobile phone. She knew it was old and she had a better one so she used her boots to crush it. Within a few minutes, there was nothing left but a huge mess on the floor which she made her slave clean.

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