Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

Madame Marissa likes good gifts from her fans. So when she received some tapes from some of her fans, she had no use for them. She took them and she crushed them. She destroyed them over and over again and made sure there was only a mess on the floor. She knew they had sent them not for him to use, but for her to crush although they did not say so.

Lady B and mistress Christin do not like old technology. And they also love to crush. Today they ran out of things to crush so they decided to crush the old radio that was working perfectly. It was an old one so they did not care about it. They descended on it using their boots and heels and made sure nothing remained of it except a huge mess on the floor.

Madame Marissa has a thing for crushing toys and especially toy cars. That is what she did today immediately she got home from work. She knew she could not do it at work so when she left work, she hurried home to crush her toys. She had not crushed them in a while and she could not hold on any longer. When she reached home, she crushed them and she felt like she was having an orgasm.

This mistress does not like old things in her house. When she learned that her pillow was getting old, she did not throw it away. She wore her boots and used them to crush the boots. She stomped on it and she jumped on it till she had destroyed it. She made sure it was totally destroyed before she threw it in the trash and went to buy a new one.

Madame Marissa did not like how late her slave was. She had sent him but several hours later he had not yet returned. She was pissed and she crushed things in the house in anger. He was not even answering his phone. She made a mess on the floor as she crushed bananas and she planned to make him lick the floor as well as her shoes clean when he reached home.

Mistress Christin has a passion for crushing. But she had never crushed food before. So she wanted to try food crush fetish today. She took out some strawberries and she crushed them using her sneakers. She created a mess on the floor but she did not worry about it as she had a slave and she knew he would clean up after her. So she concentrated on making a mess.

Madame Svea felt like crushing something and when she thought about it, she settled on toy cars. She bought tiny toys cars and she used them to have fun with her crush fetish. She tried to crush them with her bare feet but she could not destroy them. So she settled on doing it with her shoes and that was how she managed to crush and destroy them like she wanted.

This BBW mistress had a new slave and she wanted him never to mess with her. Since he had not done anything to piss her off, she did not punish him. But she still wanted him to see what she would do to him if he did piss her off. So she took some clementines and she crushed them as he watched. She told him she would do that to him if he messed up.

Lady B likes to buy cars so as to destroy them. There are few things that make her happier than to crush toys and destroy them. She loves to use her sneakers to do it and she always has fun doing it. Today she was bored and since she did not have anywhere to go or anything better to do, she bought many toys and she had a great time crushing them all.

Mistress Reel had asked her slave to make her some grape juice. He did not do it and she was pissed. She made herself some and she took it for breakfast. She then called her slave outside and she asked him why he had not done what she asked him. He did not have an answer. So she crushed grapes in a bucket using her bare feet and she had him eat them both from the bucket as well as from her bare feet.

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