Foot Crush Fetish

Hot girls crushing stuff under their sexy feet

Lady Karame was so mad at her slave that she was prepared to do anything to make sure he was punished. She crushed a banana with her feet and created a mess on the floor. She then forced her slave to eat the banana from the floor. When he was done, she made him lick her feet and suck her toes to get rid of parts of the banana that were on her feet.

Lady Krasaviza took some food and she crushed it using her feet. She wanted to create a huge mess with her feet and she managed to. When she was done, she asked her slave to lick the mess and he hesitated. She looked at him and the look on her face meant business and the slave found himself eating the mess she had created with her feet because he was afraid of what would happen to him.

Lady Kara loves food crush. Today she baked some cookies and when they were smelling awesome, instead of eating them she crushed them. She did not bother about the mess on the floor even if she did not have a slave. She used her vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess after she was done crushing the cookies. She did not even need a slave as she was enjoying her fetish.

Madame Madison was angry and whenever she is angry, she has to take out her anger on someone or something. Since she was alone in the house, she looked for what to trample and crush to take out her anger. She found a toy in her house and she did not even stop to ask herself whom it might have belonged to. She crushed it and destroyed it with her high heels.

Madame Marissa came home and she found many toys in her house. She knew it was the children in the neighborhood who were playing a prank on her because they knew she hated toys. But she did not do what they expected she would which was to throw them out. Instead, she crushed them and destroyed them using her high heel boots. She then threw the mess in her trash for them to pick.

Mistress Blackdiamoond wanted to humiliate her slave using her foot crush fetish. She knew her slave was new to this and he had never been humiliated before so she crushed some banana and she forced him to eat it both from the floor as well as from her feet. The slave was horrified at what he was being asked to do but he did it anyway for fear of further humiliation.

Lady Olga and her friend lady Kat wanted to punish this guy for lying to them. They went to his house but he escaped. They remained with his prized possessions which were expensive model houses. Instead of running after him, the mistresses decided to crush and destroy the model homes as punishment to him for what he had done. They used their high heel boots to crush them and within a few minutes, they had destroyed them all.

Mistress Christin likes to crush things with her shoes and high heels. But today she felt like doing it using her bare feet. So she took model cars and she used her bare feet to crush them. She did not care whether her feet would get hurt in the process. She destroyed them and surprised herself with how she was able to destroy them using her bare feet and not injure herself.

This mistress found out about crush fetish and she could not have enough of it. She had to try all the nasty things that were on her mind. She started with food crush before she went to her slave. She first of all forced him to eat all the food she had crushed with her boots before she used the same boots to crush her slave. It was a lot of fun for her.

This mistress had crushed almost everything there was to crush. While she was holding flowers she had been sent by her boyfriend and wondering what else she could crush, her friend asked her to try crushing flowers. The mistresses threw the flowers down and descended on them using their high heels. It was not like the other things they crushed but they had fun all the same as they crushed the flowers.

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